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05 August 2022

Battle of Putivl in the Summer of 1659

Battle of Putivl in the Summer of 1659

The article is devoted to the analysis of the events that took place after the Battle of Konotop. The retreat of the Moscow army under the command of Prince Alexei Trubetskoy took place under constant fire from the Ukrainian Cossacks and Tatars. The night battle near the village of Kazachya Dubrava was very fierce. Both sides suffered losses, and the Moscow army approached the crossing of the Seim without opposition from the Cossacks and Tatars. After the crossing, the Moscow army withdrew to Putivl, and the Cossack-Tatar army was located near the Chash hillfort. At that time, near Vygorevo hillfort there was a large train with gunpowder and lead. He could not cross the Seim River. A detachment from the Putivl garrison was assigned to protect it. 200 Tatar soldiers, Cossacks and Putivl warriors took part in the battle for this wagon train. The guard of the convoy was able to repulse the attacks and after the army of hetman Ivan Vyhovsky turned south, he was able to reach Putivl. The battle near the Vygorevo hillfort was one of the components of the great battle that took place in the summer of 1659 near Konotop and Putivl.

Source: Osadchij E.M. (2022) Battle of Putivl in the Summer of 1659. Gardarika. 8(1): 3-12

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