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17 December 2022

Digital humanities and databases of cultural heritage in libraries of Ukraine

Manuscript and book heritage of Ukraine
Digital humanities and databases of cultural heritage in libraries of Ukraine

The aim of the article. To summarize existing approaches to the concept of digital humanities and its branch, the role of scientific libraries in the formation of integrated digital electronic resources; development a partnership of technical sciences and humanities in the field of initiatives to digitally support humanitarian research. Methodology. Systematic analysis of scientific works on digital humanities and completion of digital projects of new intellectual outcome to create a digital source databases of historical and cultural heritage in Ukraine and a number of other methods and procedures. Originality. The concept of digital humanities established in the world is revealed, a positive experience of creating a digital resources of documentary cultural heritage in the scientific libraries of Ukraine through integration of methods of technical and humanities sciences as a product of a new intellectual quality. Conclusions. The scope of the concept and subject area of digital humanities are still evolving from specific forms of restricting of resource creation to the widespread penetration of digital technologies in preparation and implementation of humanitarian research, based on the development of integrated technologies. It is evident by the studies of Western researchers M. Thaller, M. Terras, E. Vanhoutt, Olivier Le Deuff, J. Flanders, T. Weller and others. Experience of digital humanities in the libraries is highlighted in works of Kea R. and K. Joranson E. Hyvönen. Experience of such projects in the world and in Ukraine, in particular the cooperation of V. I. Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine specialists, shows a positive example of work and digital sourses of cultural heritage. Integration of methods of development of technical sciences in the creation of intelligent digital projects through joint teams that agree on goals, objectives, approaches to structure and content, specifications of special modeling, methods of information disclosure, management. Such digital databases are a qualitatively new product, an intellectual property, and are considered in a world to be an electronic scientific publication.

Source: Dubrovina L. (2020). Digital humanities and databases of cultural heritage in libraries of Ukraine. Manuscript and book heritage of Ukraine. 25: 290-309

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