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18 January 2024

Ecofeminism in Film Adaptations of Lesia Ukrainka`s Forest Song

Kyiv-Mohyla Humanities Journal
Ecofeminism in Film Adaptations of Lesia Ukrainka`s Forest Song

This article off ers a pioneering ecofeminist study of Viktor Ivchenko’s Lisova pisnia (1961) and Yurii Illienko’s Lisova pisnia. Mavka (1980), two Soviet Ukrainian film adaptations of Lesia Ukrainka’s eponymous fairy-drama (1911; Forest Song). It focuses on the interrelated depiction of gender and nature along with the drama’s ideological and material aspects: androcentrism and deforestation. The production of both fi lms coincides with, and arguably refl ects, what Marko Pavlyshyn describes as “the emergence of a conservationist consciousness” in the USSR in the 1960s. The article’s goal is therefore twofold — to bring new ecofeminist insights into Ukrainian fi lm studies and to raise eco-awareness about the Volyn Polissia, which provides the setting for Ukrainka’s drama and its adaptations, and currently faces environmental devastation from illegal amber mining.

Source: Andrianova A. (2021). Ecofeminism in Film Adaptations of Lesia Ukrainka’s Forest Song. Kyiv-Mohyla Humanities Journal. №8: 46-67

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