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10 June 2022

Historical Heroes of modern Ukrainian Students

Sumy Historical and Archival Journal
Historical Heroes of modern Ukrainian Students

Ukrainian youth from the beginning of the country’s independence was a catalyst for democratic changes. From the Revolution on Granite, through the Sumy’s Revolution on Grass (Kamionka, 2019) and Orange Revolution to the Revolution of Dignity and the war in the East, undeniably it was the youth who fought for the future of Ukraine. While appreciating the contribution of young people to the contemporary history of Ukraine, it is essential to ask which national heroes and what historical events are important to the young generation. Thanks to the research conducted in 2017-2018 on a representative group of Ukrainian youth (1043 respondents), the author can answer that question. The results show that there are no surprises; the research confirms the all-Ukrainian results and shares knowledge on this subject. However, it is worth emphasizing some surprises, as well as the frequent selection of the answer “neutral attitude” to historical events, which may indicate the lack of historical knowledge among the surveyed youth.

Source: Kamionka M. (2020) Historical Heroes of modern Ukrainian Students. Sumy historical and archival journal. №XXXV: 54-59

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