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17 November 2022

Konstantin Pavlovich Romanov and Poland: Missed Opportunities

Bylye Gody
Konstantin Pavlovich Romanov and Poland: Missed Opportunities

The article is devoted to a rather important area of relations between the Russian Empire and the Kingdom of Poland over a rather long period — the end of the 18th — the beginning of the 19th centuries, filled with fateful events that determined the negative context of these relations for the next centuries. The authors set the goal of creating a scientific model of such a variant of historical development, in which the reality of the possible influence of Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich Romanov on changing the vector of coexistence between Russia and Poland is hypothetically assessed. The main milestones in the life and character traits of this historical figure are analyzed in the context of possible alternatives to his activities before and during his 15-year stay in Poland. Despite the underestimation and even denial of the role of the individual in history by some experts, the qualities inherent in rulers who make fateful decisions that determine the fate of their subjects are of considerable importance. This is clearly seen in the example of the fate and activities of the hero of the article. The author's vision of the person of Tsesarevich Konstantin Pavlovich as a bright and popular personality (it was not for nothing that several False Konstantins appeared after his death) shows that historical science underestimated the power of influence of his character traits on the fate of the Polish state. To substantiate the assumption, the methods of source study, historical and logical analysis and synthesis are used, which made it possible to consider the relationship between the Poland he ruled and the Russian Empire from the point of view of the individual qualities of the governor. The source base includes both classical studies of this issue (S. M. Solovyov), memoirs and memoirs, as well as modern research (Stegniy P. V. and others). The methods of historical retrospection, chronological and problem-analytical approaches make it possible to model the likelihood of an alternative history: smoothing out the contradictions between the two Slavic countries and returning independence to Poland.

Source: Elena I. Mayorova, Rosalina V. Shagieva, Yucel Ogurlu, Valery V. Romanov (2022). Konstantin Pavlovich Romanov and Poland: Missed Opportunities. Bylye Gody. 17(3): 1125-1139

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