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04 February 2024

Pergamon and the Eastern Black Sea (Gonio-Apsaros)

Pergamon and the Eastern Black Sea (Gonio-Apsaros)

Pergamon has been known as one of the major centers of ceramic production since Hellenistic times. It falls first to the Roman Empire after the defeat of Pontus, and after the defeat of Mithridates VI Eupator. It was one of the important centers that supplied troops of imported pottery, such as red-lacquered pottery and powder, to soldiers stationed in the eastern part of the Roman Empire, in the northern regions of Asia Minor, and in Roman fortress cities in the Caucasus.

Source: Ebralidze T., Sikharulidze K. (2022). Pergamon and the Eastern Black Sea (Gonio-Apsaros). Consensus. (2): 46-50

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