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20 October 2018

The First Gold of Phanagoria: “Van der Weide’s bracelet”

Stratum Plus
The First Gold of Phanagoria: “Van der Weide’s bracelet”

Phanagoria is the “capital of the Asian Bosporus”, one of the largest ancient cities on the territory of the Russian Federation. Archaeological investigations on this ancient center began with the excavation of one of the mounds of Phanagorian necropolis in 1798, under G. van der Weide’s leadership. In this barrow, a big tomb was discovered, containing several blacklacquered vessels and a gold bracelet. This is the only gold find known to modern researchers, which was discovered during the excavations at the end of the 18th century on the territory of Phanagoria. The bracelet was sent to the Hermitage in early nineteenth century, however, due to a mistake in documentation made in 1937, it has been referred to as ‘stray find’ so far, and, therefore, has been outlooked by the modern Bosporan researchers. During the recovery into circumstances of its discovery and typological and chronological features of the bracelet allowed to conclude that the gold bracelet belonged to a secondary inhumation of the Great Migrations, made either in a crypt of the Hellenistic period, or in the mound.

Source: Tunkina I.V., Zastrozhnova E.G., Sharov O.V. (2018). The First Gold of Phanagoria: “Van der Weide’s bracelet”. Stratum Plus. № 4: 371-383

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