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02 September 2023

Two Half-Dugouts from Excavations on Berezan Island in 2020

Eminak: Scientific Quarterly Journal
Two Half-Dugouts from Excavations on Berezan Island in 2020

The main results of a study of two semi-dugouts found during the excavations of a residential block to the west of temenos of Berezan settlement in 2020 are analyzed in the paper. Special attention is paid to the description of the layout and construction features of the complexes, and the analysis of the remains of material culture from their filling. The chronology of buildings and their relationship with the evolution of the architectural character of archaic Borysthenes are determined. Both half-dugouts are found in the courtyard area of one of the blocks of Berezan settlement dated to the third quarter of the 6th century BCE and, despite the earlier creation, they fully correspond to the spatial orientation of the constructions of this block and the entire street network of this area. Stratigraphic and planigraphic observations, as well as a detailed analysis of the ceramic complex from the filling of half-dugouts, allow us to link their origin with the arrival in Borysthenes of the ‘second’ wave of colonists around 540 BCE, for whom they served as temporary constructions until construction of permanent dwellings. However, in contrast to most similar complexes, the described half-dugouts continued to exist next to ground-based constructions and for a long time (probably until the end of the 6th century BCE) were apparently used as utility rooms.

Source: Bondarenko D. (2021). Two Half-Dugouts from Excavations on Berezan Island in 2020. Eminak: Scientific Quarterly Journal. 3(35): 9-22

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