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15 December 2018

Western Elements in the Late Sarmatian Monuments

Vestnik Volgogradskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta
Western Elements in the Late Sarmatian Monuments

The Late Sarmatian culture has oriental origin. This culture practically does not have the features of funeral rite, which can be associated with the influence of ancient word. After the middle of the 2nd century AD, imported items of Roman or Provincial-Roman origin began to occur in the Late Sarmatian burials. The most mass category of findings is represented with metal tableware. As a rule, metal, more often bronze, vessels are represented with jugs, basins, strainers and ladles. In some cases, they are found as parts of table set. The burial complexes with such sets are found throughout the territory of the Late Sarmatian culture — from the Trans-Urals to the Northern Azov region. The Sarmatians started to use the import metal tableware later than the inhabitants of the Roman provinces. The Late Sarmatian burials also contain the antique vessels made of glass. Such vessels are often found in complexes with metal tableware. A few finds of Roman articulated fibulae with enamels are known in the Late Sarmatian burials in the territory of the Southern Urals and the Trans-Urals. Oriental things are often found in burials along with the Roman things: Chinese, middle-Asian, etc. Roman products often mark graves of high social status, which differ in burial rites from ordinary burials. Findings of things of Roman or provincial Roman origin in high-status burial mounds confirm their value in the Sarmatian society. There are several opinions regarding the penetration of Roman imports into nomadic culture. They could get to the Sarmatian leaders as trophies or as a result of trade relations. Standardization of both sets and types of Roman tableware allows assuming their appearance in steppe monuments of late Sarmatians as political gifts.

Source: Krivosheev M. (2018). Western Elements in the Late Sarmatian Monuments. Vestnik Volgogradskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. Seriya 4, Istoriya. Regionovedenie. Mezhdunarodnye otnosheniya. Vol. 23. No. 3: 169-175

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