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12 September 2020

Armenian epigraphic sources from Ismail (Ukraine): new found items

Revista Arheologică
Armenian epigraphic sources from Ismail (Ukraine): new found items

The town of Izmail previously located in the province of Bessarabia and at present within the region of Odessa in Ukraine. Before its fortress having been taken by generalissimus A. Suvorov in 1790, its fortress used to be one of the famous Armenian centers, where Armenians had several churches, were engaged in handicraft (especially in tailoring) and trade. About a dozen of epigraphs, found in the Armenian cemetery adjacent to St. Astvatsatsin Church, were published by Christopher Kuchuk-Hovhannisyan. Unfortunately, those epigraphs have not been preserved but two epitaphs have recently been discovered in Izmail (1725, 1758). The discovery of new tombstones again reaffirmed once again the active life of the Armenian community in Izmail, especially in the 18th century, as well as it served as an occasion to refer to the history of this Armenian colony and to the non-preserved epigraphic inscriptions in a new way.

Source: Harutyunyan A., Matveev S. (2019) Armenian epigraphic sources from Ismail (Ukraine): new found items. Revista Arheologică. Vol.XV, №2: 157-167

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