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10 May 2020

INCFAR: Characteristics and Challenges (A Fifth Anniversary Tribute)

European Journal of Contemporary Education
INCFAR: Characteristics and Challenges (A Fifth Anniversary Tribute)

This paper examines the diverse activity of the International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research (INCFAR) in conjunction with the institution’s fifth anniversary. The authors describe the process of creation and reorganization of the INCFAR Laboratories and discuss the Center’s cooperation with other research-and-education establishments around the world. The paper includes an analysis of the key areas of research the Center is currently focused on. The work’s materials are grounded in some specialized literature and a body of research literature, as well as certain resources available on the Center’s website. In working on this paper, the authors made wide use of the descriptive, statistical, and problem-historical methods, which helped put together a comprehensive picture of the relevant events in their historical sequence. The authors conclude by stating that today the five-year-old INCFAR is a well-ramified research establishment. In addition to its efficient labs and spectacular publication activity, the Center is distinguished by considerable collaboration activity, possesses resources of its own in the area of dissemination of scholarly information, and runs a resource for indexing scholarly periodicals. All this helps make the outcomes of the Center’s scholarly work as visible to the potential reader as possible, which, in turn, helps boost the possibility that these works will be known to wider scholarly and pedagogical communities.

Source: Vasilii V. Tarakanov, Marina A. Ponomareva (2019) INCFAR: Characteristics and Challenges (A Fifth Anniversary Tribute). European Journal of Contemporary Education. 8(4): 984-992

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