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25 September 2019

Nuremberg Jetons of XVI–XIX centuries in Russia

Bylye Gody
Nuremberg Jetons of XVI–XIX centuries in Russia

The article focuses on the study of Nuremberg jetons as a unique phenomenon of the late XVI to the XIX centuries in the Russian territory. For the first time presented is an overview of all the jetons found in the territory of modern Russia that come from archaeological sites, ethnographic and random collections. For a better presentation of this material, description of the finds is divided according to three geographical areas, namely, the European part of Russia and Povolzhye; Western Siberia; and Eastern Siberia and the Far East. The mapping of the locations where the Nuremberg jetons were found allowed identifying the specific features of their distribution across the territories and constitutes an integral part of the article. More specifically, in the European Russia, the majority of the finds comes from the region of Povolzhye, whereas in Western Siberia, the distribution is more or less equal across the whole area. In Eastern Siberia and the Far East, there is a cluster of the finds in the Priolkhonye region; the rest are spread across the wider area. The article contains a large reference section which is a product of the author’s many-year work on accumulating publications on the Nuremberg jetons found in the Russian territory.

Source: Andrey A. Pushkarev (2019). Nuremberg Jetons of XVI–XIX centuries in Russia. Bylye Gody. Vol. 53. Is. 3: 921-934

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