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25 November 2019

The Circulation of the “Efimoks With Signs” in Ukraine: The Newest Historiography

Ukrainian Peasant
The Circulation of the “Efimoks With Signs” in Ukraine: The Newest Historiography

Particularly the question of the monetary reforms of Moscow Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, the planning, introduction into circulation and the peculiarities of the existence of “efimoks with signs”, have been repeatedly investigated by numismatists, mainly using the prism of the pan-Rusism, with the dominant role of reform being diverted to the processes of joining the territory of Ukraine to Russia. The article analyzes the latest research on the monetary reform of Moscow Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich and its implications for Ukraine. The presentation of the actual essence of the reforms of Moscow authorities in Ukraine in the middle of the XVII century, namely the introduction of the “euphony with signs”, requires extensive coverage, especially during the latent aggression of present-day Russia against Ukraine in the East. The purpose of this study is to identify the main shortcomings of the latest research by the latest researchers about the circulation of coins during the monetary reform of Moscow Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich and the proposed ways to correct them. The article uses general historical methods. Results. The region with the highest concentration of the finds of “Efimok with signs” was established. Also the assumption about the potential probability of revealing the fake “Efimok with signs” as part of the treasures or the use of counterfeit stamps in Western European thalers to increase them to the “Efimok with signs” forced exchange rate nominal price is given. Originality. The argumentation about the absence of a large denomination of Moscow’s copper money in the monetary circulation in Ukraine is given, as well as a true interpretation of certain stages of monetary reform in Muscovy. So, summing up the above, we consider it absolutely necessary to change the ideological course in the study of the circulation of “Efimok with signs”, focusing on the criminal facts of financial aggression in Muscovy at the planning stage of the reform. Studying the processes of circulation of coins, taking into account the main area in the territory of modern Ukraine, we see more Ukrainian-centric, as opposed to the ideologically interconnected works of the imperial and Soviet times, the leitmotif of which is contrary to historical reality. The drawbacks in modern researches are revealed and recommendations for further studying of a theme are given.

Source: Nechytailo V. (2018) The Circulation of the “Efimoks With Signs” in Ukraine: The Newest Historiography. Ukrainian Peasant. №20: 63-70

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