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06 April 2020

The Contribution of Academician of the as of Ukssr V.S. Gutyrya to the Development of Chemical Science (1932-1983)

Ancient Sumy Land
The Contribution of Academician of the as of Ukssr V.S. Gutyrya to the Development of Chemical Science (1932-1983)

The article highlights the contribution of Academician of the AS of UkSSR V. S. Gutyrya to the creation of synthetic ethyl alcohol, the improvement of technology for oil production and refining, the study of the hydrocarbon composition of nitrogenous compounds, chemical properties and structure of gasoline, natural methane, coal tar deposits and bituminous deposits, the catalytic properties of aluminosilicates, the invention of biologically synthesized feed protein. Creation of a special recipe for the production of anti-tank ignition mixtures, which were successfully used in battle with the enemy in World War II, production is organized TNT and improved the process of aviation gasoline production. Development in the post-war periodic technology of refining of petroleum fractions, detection of natural aluminosilicate and creation of the method of its activation, development of thermal dehydrogenation of hydrocarbon, development of a complex of scientific researches on problems of industrial heterogeneous catalysis, study of the influence of nuclear radiation on the development of ukrainian petrochemistry, synthesis of styrene and methanol on zeolite catalysts, improvement of industrial production of insulating materials for protection against corrosion, creation of stable isolation of pipelines, research chemical properties of cyclic sulfones, urea deparaffinization, the influence of cations on the catalytic features of zeolites in alkylation and disproportionation reactions, complex solvents in the production of household chemicals, the interaction of sulfolane with its derivatives, catalytic reactions to zeolites, aromatic hydrocarbons in gasoline fractions of oil, the interaction of urea with octane, catalytic properties of modified aluminosilicates, kinetics of the reaction of benzene hydrogenation on nickel-catalytic catalyst, state and main problems of new methods of oil production enhancement in Ukraine, and other aspects of chemical science. The contribution of the scientist to the development of popularization of scientific achievements in chemistry is highlighted. In particular, his leadership Knowledge Society of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, whose members carried out comprehensive work to promote the scientific achievements of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR among the general population, the main forms of work which were eading thematic lectures and presenting reports in departmental establishments and production enterprises, publishing articles in periodicals, appearing on radio and television, providing scientific consultations, etc. The contribution the popular scientific researches of the scientist are devoted to leading areas of research and development of academic institutions of chemical profile that contributed to the development of “great chemistry”, formation, development and achievement of the Ukrainian chemical science in the system of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR etc.

Source: Shykhnenko I.M. (2019) The Contribution of Academician of the as of UkSSR V.S. Gutyrya to the Development of Chemical Science (1932-1983). Ancient Sumy Land. №LV: 22-29

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