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13 January 2019

The Knight of Teutonic Order Heinrich von Plotzke

The Knight of Teutonic Order Heinrich von Plotzke

The present article is devoted to life path of Knight Heinrich von Plotzke — one of the highest dignitaries of the Teutonic Order. According to the author, Heinrich von Plotzke played an important role in increasing the power of the state of the Teutonic Order in Prussia and distinguished himself as a manly warrior and a talented commander. Heinrich von Plotzke made a brilliant career in the Teutonic Order, starting to serve as an ordinary knight-brother and then at different times occupying the post of provincial commander, lend master in Prussia, Grand Commander and Grand Marshal. A significant part of his life Heinrich von Plotzke spent in battles and military campaigns. In Prussia, he participated in 15 military expeditions and 4 battles. He arrived to Prussia in the difficult times for the Crusader’s state and has achieved outstanding results in the solution of military issues that arose in this region. Heinrich von Plotzke managed to organize an effective system of a national defense. Heinrich von Plotzke can be attributed to a number of those historical persons who made a significant impact on the history of the Teutonic Order and the Baltic region.

Source: Gagua R. (2016). The Knight of Teutonic Order Heinrich von Plotzke. Crusader. Vol.(4), Is. 2: 88-94

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