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06 January 2023

The outline of the history of automobile traffic in the early twentieth century in Sumy

Sumy Historical and Archival Journal
The outline of the history of automobile traffic in the early twentieth century in Sumy

The purpose of the publication is to reveal the essence of automobile movement in Sumy as a social cause, to describe its main tendencies and indicate the role of individuals in the development of local motorism. The topicality of the research is preconditioned by the lack of scientific investigation on this topic, as well as the need to supplement the general picture of the development of motorism in the Russian Empire. Various aspects of automobile traffic in Sumy have been considered (the concept of “automobile movement” is indicated in the meaning of a social phenomenon): auto trade, auto repair, the introduction of local traffic rules, automobile accidents, the formation of a stratum of drivers and car owners, their participation in races and rallies. In particular, the businesses of the owner of the first car dealership in Sumy Kaidansky and his competitor Poguliaichenko are mentioned as well as the existence of the Gerenshtein-Yankovsky auto repair shop. The main traffic rules adopted by the Sumy City Duma in 1908 are specified. On the basis of reports of the local press, typical traffic violations with the participation of cars are analyzed: crashes with horse-drawn vehicles, speeding, drunk driving, cutting in buildings and pedestrians. Special attention is paid to the public organization of motorists — Sumy Automobile Club established in 1912. In particular, the main provisions of the club’s statute, the rights and obligations of its participants have been analyzed. The names of some of its members have been specified. The activity of the organization and its place in the all-Russian automobile traffic have been assessed. The role of Sumy passionaries of motorism — entrepreneurs Ivan Leshchinsky and Eduard Kaidansky is emphasized. In particular, their participation in races and runs is mentioned. At the same time, the Moscow — Berlin — Paris rally where the Kaidansky team took part on a Mitchell car is covered more widely. Also, the brands of cars of Leshchinsky’s garage are named and the preferences for the cars of the sugar producer Pavel Kharitonenko are revealed. The appearance of departmental cars at the Sumy district administration is analyzed, the need for their use in the economic needs of the local government is determined. The duties of the zemstvo in the use of transport to the military department are clarified. The names of some of the chauffeurs who worked for private individuals and in the zemstvo are identified.

Source: Kudinov D.V. (2022). The outline of the history of automobile traffic in the early twentieth century in Sumy. Sumy historical and archival journal. №XXXVІІI: 34-47

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