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23 September 2023

The Stieglitz`s in Odessa: a Family History in the Space of the Ukrainian Metropolis

The Stieglitz`s in Odessa: a Family History in the Space of the Ukrainian Metropolis

The article analyzes the contribution of the Stieglitz barons to the development of Odessa, as well as an attempt to implement family history and places of memory in the spatial context of the modern Ukrainian metropolis. After all, comprehending the space of modern cities in the context of decommunization processes once again predetermines the reassessment of the heritage of cities, especially those with a powerful imperial past. For this, both general scientific methods of analysis, synthesis, and specially historical methods of comparative analysis and hermeneutics of source material were used. At the same time, various types and types of sources were involved in order to achieve the main goal — the search for places of memory associated with the Stieglitz barons and the identification of the main possible points on the map of Odessa. The theoretical basis is separately characterized, among other things, demonstrating modern ideas and attitudes towards the Stieglitz family in different European countries. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to supplement local history collections, develop excursion routes, create memorial tablets marking the contribution of the Stieglitz brothers to the development of the region. Especially considering that the Stieglitz were among the first converted Jews of the Russian Empire at the end of the 18th cent. and it was the South of Ukraine, that played a significant role in the rise of the clan. After all, German court Jews here adopted Lutheranism, received a starting base, the rights of foreign merchants, and subsequently moved their own capital to St. Petersburg, where one of the branches of the family received the baronial title from Nicholas I. Moreover, this was the only case of the granting of the barony by the emperor throughout his reign. In the course of the study, several important objects and places of interest for the Stieglitz were identified, as well as a street named after Baron L. Stieglitz was discovered. In addition, it was possible to trace the influence of the Stieglitz family not only on the commercial and industrial rise of Odessa, but also on the financial and cultural development of the imperial city.

Source: Bulanyi M. (2022). The Stieglitz’s in Odessa: a Family History in the Space of the Ukrainian Metropolis. Scientific and Theoretical Almanac Grani. 24(12): 15-22

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