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25 April 2023

Zavody – Lost in History Hermit Village

Zavody – Lost in History Hermit Village

The article is devoted to foundation and further development of the Zavody (Shevchenkovskoe) village (Konotop district, Sumy region, Ukraine), with the background of lacking available systematized data. In this study, for the first time, an analysis of official documents and historical literature was carried out, taking into account the stories of Zavody village native citizens about their forefathers, current life and important events. Two toponymy versions are considered, depending on the primary estimation objective and the features of the local landscape presented by swampy meadows at the source of the Kukolka River. Presumably, the tract was founded by Velikiy Sambor village settlers in the middle of the XIX century (1862) as part of territories expansion for cattle grazing. After the period of time — from the beginning of the XX entury to the present, Zavody village is part of the Sosnovsky rural settlement. The conducted research work revealed the presence of gaps and data inconsistencies in the historical path of the Zavody village, and can be considered as a starting point for subsequent historical studies.

Source: Kucher M.A. (2022). Zavody – Lost in History Hermit Village. Gardarika. 9(1): 3-18

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