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16 May 2021

Archival management in the educational system of Ukraine

Sumy Historical and Archival Journal
Archival management in the educational system of Ukraine

A powerful reforming of education in Europe is inextricably linked with the support by many countries the Bologna Declaration of 19 June 1999. Ukraine has signed the Bologna Declaration in May 2005. This act became the basis for major transformations in education in the country. At the same time, it coincided in time with the latest developments in archival education. Its reform was actualized even in the 1990’s against the backdrop of well-known socio-political events associated with the collapse of the USSR. For national education was raised the issue of forming a national training system for the field of archives and records management. There were a number of important publications, including with strategic importance, which indicated the urgency of solving urgent problems of sectoral education. Common for them were powerful propaganda signals about the significance of the profession of archivist for society, state, person, as well as the need for change. At the same time, the newest outlines of branch education began to be distinguished, which tended to the record management, work with modern documents, including electronic. Since then, the corresponding training courses were added to the curriculum for the archivists in higher education, and their development, testing and implementation became an important task for educators and scientists. Modernization of the contents of curriculums for archivists took place with introducing them into the latest courses. The nomenclature of disciplines must always be in line with the model and direction of listeners education. Ya. Kalakura has become a well-known leader in archival management. He owns the largest share of works on managing archives in Ukrainian science. The starting point for colleagues’ research is to plan and organize the activities of the archive, depending on the understanding of its mission and the vision of the desired result. Archival management as a branch of management is interpreted as a complex of measures aimed at implementing program tasks and goals of activities of archivists, archival institutions, providing with necessary resources, as well as assessing the efficiency of work; strategic concepts, missions, outline directions of development, prioritization and planning of daily work, its performance in the general context of the functioning of the archive, the system; using the available options in an optimal way to achieve the desired effect when archivists fulfill their duties. Therefore, archival management is one of the important and essential training disciplines for the training of specialists for the industry.

Source: Bezdrabko V. (2017) Archival management in the educational system of Ukraine. Sumy Historical and Archival Journal. №XXIX: 5-14

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