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25 November 2020

Karaite community of Kyiv in 1917

Judaica Ukrainica
Karaite community of Kyiv in 1917

This publication contains a brief essay on the history of Kyiv Karaites in 1917 and several selected documents on this topic. The author describes the life of Kyiv Karaites during the first months after February 1917. He traces their political and selfidentification revolution, their attempts to self-organize as a minority in the social and political situation created by the change of power. Kyiv Karaites were one of the smallest ethnic and religious groups in the city in the early 20th century, but the process of their ethnic self-identification became very intensive after the February revolution. Even more, it is possible to say that they started to identify themselves as a nation after the revolution. The historiography of this topic is not extensive. The Karaite community of Kyiv in 1917 was never a subject of historical research. Unlike other minorities, the Kyiv Karaites did not have any representation in the Ukrainian Central Rada or other revolutionary governments.

Source: Skalsky W. (2017) Karaite community of Kyiv in 1917. Judaica Ukrainica. Vol.6: 77-89

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