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09 October 2023

Vasyl Nazarovych Karazin: historic portrait against a backdrop of the epoch

East European Historical Bulletin
Vasyl Nazarovych Karazin:  historic  portrait  against  a  backdrop  of  the  epoch

The topicality of the issue under study is driven by the need to carry out a smooth coverage of Karazin’s biography, which presents poorly researched pages of his life. When characterizing the socio-political views of Karazin, a range of studied aspects of his worldview has been extensively extended. The Purpose of the Research. The purpose of the article is to throw light on a life journey of the prominent political and public figure, a scientist of the early XIXthcenturyVasyl Nazarovych Karazin, to investigate the facts and fill gaps in his biography, to outline landmarks in his life and creative activity, to analyze his fundamental scientific achievements and their importance for descendants. The Methodology of the Research. The main methods, which have been used to study the matter at issue, are as follows: chronological, historical genetic, comparative historical, historical typological, synchronous, biographic, and prosopography approaches. The Research Results. In the article there has been elucidated Karazin’s biography, which provides insight into the milestones of the formation of his worldview. The authors have specified features of the social and political views of Karazin, which shaped his unique interpretation of topical political matters concerning the form of government, role of the state authority in the development of political and ideological areas. It has determined the scope and motivation for activity of Karazin as a landowner and the founder of many non-governmental organizations of that time. The Practical Significance. The research findings can be used while investigating sources of the formation of the ideology of conservatism of the XIXth century, a degree of its assimilation of the provisions of innovative public opinion and pattern of the use of West European socio-political theories, a role of conservative nobility in the social movement, sequence of their ideas and policy of the ruling elite.

Source: Khridochkin A., Makushev P. (2021). Vasyl Nazarovych Karazin: historic portrait against a backdrop of the epoch. East European Historical Bulletin. 18: 30–44

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