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o.shafonskyioakobverseoccupationoccupation authorityoccupation pressoccupation troopsodesaodesa branch of the guardianship of empress maria alexandrovna of blindodesa ukrainian city councilodessaodessa national polytechnic universityodessa society of history and antiquitiesodessa-podilsky scientific and cadre aeronautical detachmentofficialofficial directionofficialsoikonomicsoilolbiaold kiliia fortressold russian manuscriptsoleksandr koshytsoleksandr lototskyiolexandr stamboliyskyolive oilone hundred years agoopen air museumoppositionopposition aristocracyorder of artilleryorder of st.basil the greatordersorganic regulationorganizationorganization of education system in poland after 1918oribasiusoriental elementsorigins of indo-europeansorphan childrenorphan courtorthodox churchorthodoxyortiei mountainsostap vyshnyaosteometryotto iotto iiottomanottoman armyottoman empireottoman numismaticsounoun and upa underground