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e.p. fedorovearly bronze ageearly byzantiumearly medievalearly middle agesearly modern periodearly modern timesearly stateeast europeeast germanyeastern and central europeeastern europeeastern european agrarianismeastern galiciaeconomic and social relevanceeconomic crisiseconomic cycleeconomic expansioneconomic referenteconomicseconomyeducationeducation of childreneducation on the don in 1880-1890educational activityeducational change implementationefimk with signsegyptelamelected monarchelementary dwellingelephantsemancipative valuesembassyemigrationempireemployment.enlightenmentennoblementenslavementententeepistolary testimonyequipment for serviceerrorsethnic groupethnic groupsethnicityethnographic parallelsethnographyethnonymseugenic threateugeniu caradaeunucheurasianismeuropeeuropean unioneveryday lifeevilexcavationsexecutive committee of the county sovet of peasant deputiesexhibitionexpedition in khevsureti